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At ANT Recruiting we love helping people find the right place to work. Our team's experience recruiting industry helps us gather honest and stable job offerings in the IT industry.

For Companies

ANT Recruiting is offering a full array of IT Staffing and Recruiting solutions, we help companies find, attract, hire and grow with the best tech talent on the market.

Find Your dream job with us

It's never been easier to find a good job in design, development, sales or marketing. Go through our jobs panel or job listing and see if you meet the hiring requirements.

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Recruiting Services

Use our skills to find the best candidates for your open positions. We'll do our best to find the right people for your business.


Candidate Evaluation

Don't waste your time with hundreds of interviews, instead let us do the heavy lifting, tech interviews and language check.


Employees Rental

If you need a couple of people for short term projects we can provide them. They'll get it done.

Our Processes

1Identify the hiring need
The hiring process begins by identifying a need within your organization.
External publicity will consist of utilizing a combination of the company’s website, social media platforms and word-of-mouth recruitment.
The review process begins with ANT recruiting representatives who review the applications and eliminate any candidate who does not meet the minimum requirements for the position or the company more generally.
Initial interviews typically begin with phone calls between the applicants and the ANT recruiting representative. Early interviews conversations focus on applicants’ experience, skills, work history, and availability. Additional interviews are more in-depth check of technical and language skills.
Company receives the shortlist of qualified and available candidates.
Once a top candidate is identified, the hiring company will extend an initial offer. ANT recruiting will negotiate the terms with the hiring company.
After negotiations, once the candidate accepts the job offer they are hired and everyone is happy!

Expertise & Quality

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for both types of customers: hiring companies and job seekers.

  • 1
    High quality is on top of our list when it comes to the way we deliver
  • 3
    Timely manner because time is important for everyone
  • 2
    Long term partnerships with both hiring staff and candidates
  • 4
    Real pricing so you can budget you next hiring move and make it


Every company’s needs are unique, as is the job search for each candidate. Our focus is on providing customized workforce and employment solutions. Recruiting agencies don’t always look for the best fit. Our team analyzes soft and hard skills and arranges tech interviews before presenting candidates for consideration.